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 Water Heater Services

Cold showers should always be a choice, never the last resort. The beauty of a water heater is that it provides us the luxury of temperature control for our daily use of water. When that control is lost and your water heater fails, you are trapped with one option and one option only: enduring constant cold water.

Every day, thousands of water heaters in El Paso County, CO, are maintaining a reservoir of hot water so that it is constantly accessible to you with the lift of a handle or turn of a knob. When things go awry with your unit, you may notice issues such as:

  • Inconsistent or Lukewarm Heat

  • Poor Tasting or Smelling Tap Water

  • Frequently Running Out of Hot Water

  • Leaking Water Heater

  • Pilot Light Keeps Going Out


Whether you’re in Colorado Springs, or a surrounding city such as Fountain, Black Forest, Fort Carson, Falcon or Peyton, CO, there is always potential for your water heater to experience one of these issues.

As Colorado Springs #1 in plumbing, Bentek's team of plumbers are experts in their craft with a passion for outstanding customer service. The truth is, each technician loves what they do, and they love representing Bentek at each service call. When it comes to your water heater, Bentek plumbers are equipped to perform maintenance, repairs, replacements, and also hot water heater installations. Even better, if your unit needs a boost to improve hot water production, our team can recommend and install attachments to increase efficiency.

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